VACANCY: IT Specialist

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05 Jun 2020, 09:12:44

Vacancy: IT Specialist


About Intent Technologies Ltd


IMEI COMMUNITY (, is a department of Intent Technologies Ltd that deals with fighting against mobile phone theft as well as facilitating recovery of the same back to owners using Mobile Phone Parameters/Serial numbers and other tracking facilities via centralized Database. Other items that are also included are; Laptop, Motorcycles/Scooters, Three wheeler, Cars etc. using their corresponding serial numbers and other tracking facilities. The Company also deals with broad range of ICT services and other businesses.

IT Specialist Job Summary

Intent Technologies Ltd (IMEI COMMUNITY) is seeking a qualified IT Specialist with extensive knowledge of information technologies and systems, who possesses critical thinking and problem-solving skills with great attention to details who also has excellent communication and people skills. Reporting to the managing Director of the Company, the IT Specialist will  design/develop websites/Apps and hosting, develop marketing strategies and sell IT services/products & related accessories to meet set targets, Run digital marketing/promotions, maintain and monitor information technology systems and networks, perform both technical and administrative tasks to ensure functionality and efficiency of computer and network systems for our Company and our clients, serve as a link between Company and clients. The IT Specialist will assist in instituting policies and procedures for the use of IT across departments and projects, create and maintain documentation and diagrams, will recommend the most suitable IT choices/solutions, and will provide technical support or training for systems and networks for our Company and our clients.

Employment Status: Full-time, Six (6) Month Contract, renewable based on performance.

Duty Station: Dar es Salaam, Kinondoni road, Acacia Estates Offices, Plot 84 First Floor

Date Posted: 25th Oct -2019

Application deadline: 30th Oct 2019, 17:00 Hours.

How to apply: Send your CV/Resume to with heading "IT Specialist" 

Essential Functions to Company and Client

  • Ø  Website & App design/Development and all related services.
  • Ø  Develop marketing strategies and drive sales of IT services/products and accessories to meet set targets
  • Ø  Monitoring and reporting of IT systems functionality.
  • Ø  Providing advice on the most suitable IT choices.
  • Ø  Coordinating with technology vendors to assess and recommend best IT systems/solutions.
  • Ø  Proposing policies and procedures for the use of IT.
  • Ø  Providing technical support or training for systems and networks.
  • Ø  Acting as a link between Company and Clients.
  • Ø  Project implementation and technical system setup.
  • Ø  Monitoring systems and network performance.
  • Ø  Conducting security checks and auditing information integrity.
  • Ø  Performing troubleshooting steps, repairs and data restoration.
  • Ø  Monitoring, supporting, and troubleshooting technical issues during standard and non-standard hours
  • Ø  Maintaining and updating network and systems documentation.
  • Ø  Monitoring backup systems and assessing backup strategies.
  • Ø  Ensuring disaster recovery plan is consistently implemented and current.
  • Ø  Maintaining licenses and upgrade schedules.
  • Ø  Assisting with inventory tracking and maintaining accountability of equipment.
  • Ø  Collaborating with other professionals to maintain standards and functionality.


  • Ø  3 years proven experience as IT Specialist or similar role.
  • Ø  Knowledge of virtual environments including VMWare and XenServer.
  • Ø  Practical knowledge of Windows 2012/2016, Linux, and MacOS server setup and maintenance.
  • Ø  Demonstrated knowledge creating and maintaining Active Directory and DFS environments.
  • Ø  Knowledge of ChromeOS and G Suite administration.
  • Ø  Understanding of TCP/IP protocols and LAN/WAN configuration.
  • Ø  Knowledgeable with DNS concepts and skilled in troubleshooting DNS related issues.
  • Ø  Experience with setting up and maintaining Cisco local area networks.
  • Ø  Understanding of SonicWall firewall setup and operations.
  • Ø  Practical knowledge of WAN and VPN configuration and troubleshooting.
  • Ø  Solid knowledge of IT systems and applications.
  • Ø  A knack for seeking responsibility and taking ownership of issues.
  • Ø  Ability to troubleshoot and repair issues.
  • Ø  Strong verbal and written communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Ø  Ability to work independently and as an indispensable part of a team.
  • Ø  Great attention to detail.
  • Ø  Excellent organizational and coordination abilities.
  • Ø  Entrepreneurial and marketing skills.

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Ø  Advanced Diploma/Bachelor of Science in Information Technology or computer science.
  • Ø  Experience in Website and App design/Development & Hosting.
  • Ø  Various IT Certifications (CompTIA Network+, CompTIA Security+, Cisco, etc.).
  • Ø  Knowledge of SQL, MySQL, replication/load balancing, and related database technologies.
  • Ø  Skills with PowerShell, Python, and other scripting languages.
  • Ø  Experience with RAID and ZFS technology.
  • Ø  Knowledgeable in WiFi principles and best practices, Meraki certifications.
  • Ø  Experience with MDM and profile management.
  • Ø  Knowledge of VOIP.
  • Ø  Experience with IT help desk support.
  • Ø  Experience with short-range fiber.
  • Ø  Knowledge in USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data).

We Offer:

  • Ø  Professional opportunities in a growing organization.
  • Ø  An organization that values and appreciates its employees.
  • Ø  A highly competitive pay and benefits package.
  • Ø  A strong community service culture.

Intent Technologies Ltd (IMEI COMMUNITY) is an equal opportunity employer with values and appreciation for its employees.