Why should you join IMEI COMMUNITY?

More than 5 Billion people to join IMEI COMMUNITY across the Globe!

Welcome to IMEI Community…..A Global Society for Mobile phone owners for fighting against theft of Mobile phone, Laptop, Motorcycles, Three-wheeler, Car and any other item with serial number as well as facilitating recovery back to owner using item serial number. Enjoy many benefits with millions of members across the globe. 

Main reasons why you should join

  • You know the loss, pains, trauma/psychological effects that you encounter when your items (Mobile phone, Laptop, Motorcycles, Three-wheeler, Car and any item with serial number) get stolen/lost with no hope of getting them back and now you would like to get your stolen items back.
  • We show you the best and recommended ways to stop any one from stealing your items. For example if any one moves your Mobile phone just few inches (from your pocket or elsewhere) you will be alert!. 
  • In worst case that you could not stop your Mobile phone from being stolen, we show you the best recommended ways of tracking. For example you will be able to track exact location of your mobile phone including other many features like deleting your files, remote lock, taking photos of culprit etc. 
  • In order to have reasonable time of tracking your stolen phone we show you the best recommended ways to stop any one from uninstalling tracking Apps from your Mobile phone. 
  • We show you the best and recommended unique Identifications of your item so that it can be recovered back to you once stolen. For example all people in the world know IMEI as the only unique identification of Mobile phone but there are crooks out there that do change IMEIs to facilitate theft and others manufacture fake phones which all  together brings about duplicate IMEIs hence reducing probabilities of identifying your stolen phone using IMEI only. Now we have come up with the 4PPs (Four Mobile Phone Parameters that you MUST record before your phone get stolen. With these four Parameters your stolen phone (reported in will be identified and recovered back to you regardless of where it will be found in the world. Don’t wait until your phone is stolen, you will be late! 
  • We give you Free Mobile phone repair (Hardware + Software) services for all types of Mobile phones. All you need is just to check in at any IMEI COMMUNITY REPAIR CENTER (This service is currently available in Tanzania only).
  • We link you with people of same mission (Global efforts fighting against item theft) hence bring items theft to an end.
  • We promote Apps. If you are the Developer or you know best App that fight against Mobile phone theft that have High STAR rating (4 and above) and  would like to promote it in IMEI Community click here to contact us.
  • We install and promote Motor Vehicle (Car, Motorcycle, Three-wheeler etc.) and other tracking facilities. If you are manufacture, distributor or sales agent of best tracking facilities,  contact us for best Tracking facilities.

        More Benefits of members of IMEI Community

  • All reported lost/stolen items freely publicized all over the world.
  • What is stolen in one country will be recovered back to the owner in original country and the same applies to all other levels (village/Town/ District/Region/State) where items will be recovered back to owners.
  • Increased chances of getting back your lost/stolen items.
  • Be aware of all stolen items in your village/Town/ District/Region/State/Country/and all over the world-to be safe from being arrested by police something that may ruin your reputation
  • Item Lost/Stolen STATUS check with details of owner name, contact details (including country/region/province/ward/Village), date Item Lost/Stolen, date and place item reported, Police report number, details of how incident happened, etc. Example on the search box, ( try to put this serial number 5CG540305M of a reported stolen item and see feedback.
  • Free and Unlimited number of items status checks
  • Free and Unlimited lost/stolen items reporting
  • Percentage refund or full refund on some of stolen and reported items (Only on promotion)
  • Participate in many promotions, get many offers/bonuses
  • Participate in forum/Blog discussions and get more knowledge on various topics from millions of members across the globe
  • Get graphical and number statistics of all activities including number of members, items registered, items stolen, items found, items recovered back to owners, etc. All these statistics given per Country, Region/State/Province, District/Ward as well as World Regions ( e.g. ASIA PACIFIC, MEADLE EAST & AFRICA-MEA, AMERICAS and EUROPE)…..Coming soon!  

        IMEI Community unbeatable charges

  • Very minimal membership fee payable once a year- 1.5 USD Only. 

Once again welcome to the IMEI Community…Click here for “Sign up” and complete membership registration.