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IMEI COMMUNITY (IMEIC) is a Global Society for Mobile Phone Owners for fighting against mobile phone theft as well as facilitating recovery of the same back to owners using Four Mobile Phone Parameters-4PP (IMEI, WiFi MAC Address, Bluetooth MAC Address and serial number) and other tracking facilities.  Other items that are also included are; Laptop, Motorcycles/Scooters, Three wheeler, Cars, TV, etc.
IMEI COMMUNITY is managed by Intent Technologies Ltd- A company registered in Tanzania in July 2016.


Members of IMEIC interact in day to day activities including but not limited to social networking, getting news, entertainments, seek jobs, career growth, sell and buy, study in Schools/Universities, relationship & dating, doing business etc. while fulfilling their common agenda of fighting against Mobile phone theft globally.

  1. Do not steal mobile phone.
  2. Do not sell stolen mobile phone.
  3. Do not buy stolen mobile phone.
  4. Do not use stolen mobile phone.
  5. Do not change mobile phone serial numbers to facilitate theft.
  6. Report your stolen mobile phone in IMEI COMMUNITY website.
  7. Report any stolen mobile phone that comes to your knowledge so that it can be recovered back to owner.
  8. Record and keep the 4PP (Smartphone)  or 1PP (Feature phone) of your mobile phone before theft incident.
  9. Be Member of IMEI COMMUITY before your mobile phone gets stolen and not after being stolen.
  10. Tell others about IMEI COMMUNITY Technology.


This Technology was developed after the Company founders felt the misery, loss, chaos and psychological effects that all people in the world experience when their items get lost or stolen.  Smugglers/ bandits commit crime and steal peoples’ items and always with no hope of recovering those items back to owner. The Technology uses unique identification number of an item that can be referenced from anywhere in the world once it get lost or stolen. People register their items’ unique identification numbers in IMEI COMMUNITY  database (or somewhere else)  and once the item get lost or stolen it is reported by the owner and updated in the database as lost or stolen item. Anyone anywhere in the world can query and know the status of the item and therefore increase the chances of the item being recovered back to owner. This discourages item theft as before buying any item whatsoever with unique identification number, someone needs to confirm if it is a lost or stolen item by querying in the database. IMEI COMMUNITY members are encouraged to record and keep their item serial numbers before theft incident.


With regard to mobile phone theft there are many issues/challenges to share experience, discuss and get solutions among members of IMEI COMMUNITY. Some of these challenges are currently being solved by IMEI COMMUNITY Technology. Some of such issues are;

  • Changing of Mobile phone IMEI to facilitate theft. If IMEI can be maneuvered/changed, what else should be done to combat mobile phone theft? The 4PP all together are now complimenting. 
  • What initiatives are MNOs/Carriers and Communication Regulatory Authorities putting in place to publicize blacklisted phones and phone IMEI maneuvering culprits? Is there any global law and law enforcers for such culprits? 
  • Smuggling of stolen mobile phone from one Country/State/District to the other. Reporting stolen/lost Mobile phone in IMEI COMUNITY database makes it known all over the world.
  • Tendency of people not recording/keeping their mobile phone serial numbers (4PP) and rely on Mobile Network Operators/Carrier (MNO) after theft incident. IMEI COMMUNITY  members are encouraged to record the 4PP prior theft/loss.
  • Knowing rights of phone owner against manufacture, rights of phone owner against seller, rights of phone owner against MNO/Carrier.
  • Electronic phone waste (e-Waste), recycling and environmental care.
  • Is IMEI block/phone barring/Blacklist by MNO/Carrier the only best solution to combat fake phone or phone theft?
  • What is the percentage of stolen and reported mobile phones against all stolen mobile phones? What is the percentage of whitelisted phones against blacklisted phone under stolen category? 
  • Can we quantify personal and global financial loss and corresponding effects of all lost and permanent blacklisted phone under stolen category? 
  • What could be personal and global financial gain if all stolen phones could be recovered back to owners before they buy other ones for replacement?
  •  When there are duplicate IMEIs (due to fake phones and changed IMEIs due to theft) what criteria does MNO/Career use to lock/block them all from their network?  As one phone might be genuine and the other fake. 


All objectives of IMEI COMMUNITY cannot be met but with partnership and collaborations with individuals, law enforcing agents, Companies etc. from all over the world. Initiatives are underway collaborating with other stake holders local and international such as MNOs (Mobile Network Operators or Carriers), Information and Communication Regulatory (e.g. TCRA for Tanzania), Associations (e.g. GSMA for global), Police, Personal IDs issuing authorities and any other Company/Institution in the world that would like to join hands in fostering IMEI COMMUNITY Technology in their Country of domicile. The founder and management of INTENT TECHNOLOGIES LTD calls for anyone who reads this mission to feel and actively participate in campaigning for registration and be member of IMEIC which is a global platform for mobile phone owners for sharing and discussing challenges and solutions for their interests especially eradicating Mobile phone theft in the world. Global public awareness is of vital importance for the success of this mission that sparked in the heart of INTENT TECHNOLOGIES LTD in Tanzania for the best of all people in the world and other generations to come. 
29166 Registered Users
7283 Registered Items
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